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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 21, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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[♪] kennedy: i'm watching the chalky factor. it's scott bale. he's congealing presidential race in donald trump's favor, finally letting the world exhale as he reveals his support for the reality star. perhaps it's the images of protesters clark that burned saucy rhetoric into his brain. but he couldn't help himself -- >> i want him to go into washington and blow it up.
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i'm done with them, i'm done with the republicans. they lied and conned and bsed me. kennedy: i'm not interring he's a terrorist. arizona holding an important primary tomorrow where trump and cruz invested in the border states. and "cruz emerges a winner i think we'll all be a little surprised. he's 14 point behind in the grand canyon state. but if trump takes the state, it put him on track to have more delegates than anyone else in the convention. if he's shy on delegates he will need to shift those legendary negotiating skills so he and the boys on the hill can rub some
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elephantal of into their mutual wound. it's a tough balancing act for this notorious outsider. don't worry, john kasich is going to save the day and evel knievel his way over the grand chasm of reality to snag the nomination like a puff chested daredevil. >> everybody chill out. kennedy: on the show, judge napolitano is here to talk about how the fight over apple and encryption effects your rights. i will voluntary invite snakes into the studio and up my dress for science. not even lying. i'm kennedy.
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republicans frantically scheming to keep donald trump from the nomination. will donald's meeting trike up a truce? let's ask my spring-loaded party panel. deirdre bolton and comedian jimmy falla. and matt welch is here from brazen magazine. >> thanks for wearing half a thriller jacket for the show tonight. kennedy: zombie ripped off the sleeves. how is donald trump going to convince this powerful nexus to love him. >> he's not. the people he met with are like bob livingston.
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newt gingrich, they wheeled him out and one of his wives. a lot of the republican congressmen are sitting in seat where they love donald trump. they might disspice the guy personally, but they are going to be afraid to say so because it will potentially cost them the elect. but a whole bunch of senate seats are tossups largely because of the trump effect. the political reporter who follows this tough says it's the trump effect. kennedy: so goes the senate thus goes the presidential elect as well you think? >> it could very well. yes. kennedy: what going on in this meeting? >> right now? kennedy: not right now. if they are still meeting we got problems. >> they are showing trump a copy
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of the zaruder film. the's getting the riot act read to him. i think they are in a position where they have to realize no matter hot nominee is, he's going to get treated like he has done everything trump has done. when attacked that rally, it was an attack on republicans. if kru -- if cruz is the nomine. > deirdre: elizabeth warren tweeting out trump is a loser trying to out-trump trump. kennedy: do you think he's making the shift to negotiator in this meeting? deirdre: he's trying.
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we'll be on the utah-arizona watch. encase itch is doing robocalls for cruz. i'm sure trump is trying. kennedy: do you think cruz has a chance in arizona? utah he could get all the delegates. deirdre: in arizona trump is a hero. there are signs on the roads if you are driving on these road local police cannot be responsible for your safety. >> the anti-immigration trump has been dabbling in, everything started in arizona. deirdre: the governor is with him. >> sheriff john. kennedy: wearing ping undies. the frontrunner donald trump with 143 delegates. his message to republicans is
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chill, bro. should everyone just say chill and not worry about things because it all is going to be cool? deirdre: what i like about what he said about the contested convention. this is part of the candidates. no one candidate is going to get the 1,237. kennedy: there will have to be wheeling and dealing. but trump now has to switch into that mode. >> i think he gets there which winning bully and smartly. he can still cross the 1,237. if he gets close to that he will threaten riots and square people into not want to go nominate him according to the rules. kasich, what on earth is he doing? have you heard a rational explanation for it?
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he has to win 170% of the delegates. kennedy: his campaign manager said it's impossible for john kasich -- deirdre: he's counting on nobody getting the -- >> imagine the trump and cruz grassroots saying that's cool. we have gone totally insane for 9 months. kennedy: one thing i will say is he has been in the race the whole time. it's the other people who got out of the race early who think they are going to be president, they will be the saviors who haven't spent millions of dollars. deirdre: what about the idea that the people who show up in primaries are not the same who show up in general elections. all the crazy people on the left and right are making the
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stories, but on election date many the moderates. >> i feel bad bark him base said from day one he will be great on dancing with the stars. he wants to be vp. that's why he's reminding people every time he gets an interview, he doesn't want to be vp. hi, john, how are you. i'm not going to be vp. kennedy: dick cheney said that, al gore said that, spiro agnew said that. we have some big contests tomorrow night in utah, idaho within arizona. i'll be part of fbn's live coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it will be a big show. president obama visiting cuba. human rights protesters have a bone to pick with him.
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kennedy: welcome back. president obama visiting cuba today marking the first presidential visit since the 1959 revolution. calvin coolidge the last u.s. president to visit cuba.
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speaking at the reopened u.s. each bassy in havana -- embassy in havana. matt you are the only person i know who lived in cuba. >> in 1998 for and brief period of time. a desperate failure. it was also illegal. i was there in january. and it was heartening to see a little bit of opening and a little bit of i wouldn't say prosperity, but autonomy among cubans, ever since obama lifted restrictions on how much money cubans can send back. more money is sloshing around the place. jeff flake points out 25% of kiewf bans derive their income from sources that are not government. they can have a little bit more of autonomy. it doesn't mean it will be
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anything but a police state for a while and obama's visit don't open up the prisons. but rule * cass controversy said if he -- bu but raul castro saif he's given a this he will free them. kennedy: do you have think raul didn't show up at the airport base was being rude? >> in his defense, the kiewf ban presidential limousine is a yoirl 49 sphwiewk skylark. do you have know how heard it is to start one of those things from a cold start? he probationally tried with all his might. shall we've hook you have the donkey and tow it there? the guy gives you have billions of dollars, you want to be there, i would think.
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kennedy: will the money make a difference? deirdre: in my humble opinion this all about money. and also china has been doing deals in the caribbean to the tune of $300 million here, $200 million there. before china gets in sanitation up some space, that's awful live close to home for us. this is probably in everybody's best interest. kennedy: hasn't that always been the point that we isolate cuba from the other outside come d outside commies. >> they got their property stolen and it's understandable they are just set. and that is the deal that has to be hammered out. what do you do with the disputed property. kennedy: what do you do?
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>> mexico has seized american soil companies, hungary, and east europe. an american can buy shares in the hungarian oil company that used to belong to chevron. so we apply those kinds of things selectively. we do business with vietnam. john mccain opened you have the embassy in hanoi. kennedy: his passport has officially been stamp muched. we have more to talk about with our party panel. leonardo dicaprio says china can be good for the earth even though they are destroying the earth.
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kennedy: apple and the f.b.i. will face off in a california court hearing. and the f.b.i. wants apple's help in break the encryption in the phone of a san bernardino terror suspect. here to explain is judge andrew napolitano. i have been waiting to dive into this case with you. tomorrow is a huge day. do you think apple made a compelling case? judge napolitano: i think apple made a compelling and outstanding case. the 13th amendment prohibits
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the government from saying you will work for us against your will. outside of draft, we are talking about war time. the justice department is saying to apple, we want you to destroy your own product and we want you to do it for us, just, and no harm can come from this. very interesting group of people disbelieve the justice department's argument. know less a military and national security hawk, then senator slinld i graham. no less a security hawk, the former department of homeland security michael chertoff. senator graham informed me the intelligence community is lobbying members of congress and asking them to come out in favor of apple if they can and if they
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can't, to remain neutral. kennedy: what does lyndsey graham know that some of his fellow hawks don't know or won't acknowledge. judge napolitano: he wouldn't tell me all the details but he told me the bottom line, the intelligence community accepts apple's argument that if apple makes this key, if apple makes this key taint's used once, the russian intelligence, the mossad ask will have it in a heartbeat and that would be catastrophic for the security our intelligence agency. what else they told them obviously he's not going to tell me. kennedy: hayden made the point encryption is vital to our national security. it's not just something customers on the free market
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have been clamoring for. it makes this country safer. judge napolitano: the f.b.i. dropped the ball here and to cover themselves for dropping the ball, the justice department has written briefs that are awer --are acerbic in tone. the lawyers are usual live professional with each other and don't get personal. the justice department has gotten personal with apple and accused it of materially disrupting national security. the f.b.i. mistakenly told the san bernardino people whose cell phone this was. the employers of the guy who they killed who caused the massacre, to erase the pass word. now your 16-year-old nephew or child knows better than to do that. as well the f.b.i. waited 2 1/2 months before they brought this
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action against apple. thereby defeating their argument. do you think they are sitting around waiting for you to arrest their confederates? they are back in syria or wherever they came from. kennedy: if they have the inkling they should go after people in the contact list they should have done that immediately. but obviously, clearly an intelligence failure from the beginning that they are now trying to cover up. judge napolitano: a lot of people have argued with you and me that we are presenting obstacles to the government's efforts to keep us safe. we are not. the constitution intentionally poses obstacles to law enforcement. the constitution intentionally defers to the privacy of us all. the constitution intentionally makes law enforcement jump
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through hoops to protect our natural rights. this is just one of them. kennedy: we'll be watching tomorrow and seek your counsel. what the one odious question that can make arnold schwarzenegger walk out of an interview? find out next. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪
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kennedy: spring is officially here, and with it the oddities of news that no one else in a doily dress has the guts to cover. tot topic one. for one wisconsin high schooler, her big moment was at a track meet. set up for a solid sprint, in the blocks, ready to go. her best friends surrounding her.
8:29 pm
ready to burst into the record books, then the gun went off. >> are you okay, honey. i'm sure her friends cheered at the meet. this should be an olympic event. we are all mckenna. you know who knows the feeling of face planting under pressure. >> the government living within its means. please clap. i push you hashtag jeb. topic number 2. it doesn't take a brain surgeon to become a really good dancer.
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ben carson proved that as he awkwardly shuffled his sad body with his new sadistic boyfriend donald trump. they put their naked man love on display as they were serenade with an awkward version of stand by me. ♪ stand by me ♪ and i'll stand by you ♪ stand by you kennedy: ben carson is wondering, can i prescribe myself some pills. persistent paparazzi discovered arnold schwarzenegger was the lead of the heavy metal
8:31 pm
group striper. here is striper to refresh your memory. snazzyi'm so sorry i had to do o you. it's so good, though. kennedy: topic number 3. arnold schwarzenegger recently went on an australian tv show under the explicit understanding he would talk about physical fitness, but not about relationships. so naturally that's exactly what the reporter asked him. >> i have to ask you as a republican what do you think of donald trump at the moment. >> this is an interview about fitness and health. not politics or my relationships.
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kennedy: what a knob. he left the interview via aerial transport. topic number 4. this week faithful christians of the western church celebrated palm sunday in preparation for easter. except for some folks at the newport center mall. and they got into a brawl with the easter bunny. there they are fighting with a sad, giant easter bunny. he looks like he has unresolved rage issues from earlier moment in the past as a mall employee.
8:33 pm
you know, when in rome. topic number 5. when you have been c a crime, how do you handle your last few moment before you are slapped and cuffed and jammed into an orange jumpsuit. scream, wreak down in tears or this? ♪ hello there ♪ want to say i'm sorry ♪ ♪ for the things i have done ♪ and i will try to be stronger ♪ ♪ in this life i have chose ♪ but i want to you know that door i closed ♪ kennedy: it's so beautiful. i feel like i'm sitting on adele's lap. he was sentenced to 17 years for unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon. he killed that courtroom.
8:34 pm
here it is explained by the jury. ♪ the time has come to put this all away snoitd kennedy: so disrespectful to the judicious process unlike over in england. [♪] see we have so much fun with your stories. if tough weird stories of you would like to see in this "topical storm." i have a binder full of women who will put all those together for you via twitter. go ahead and tweet me, use #topicalstorm. leonardo dicaprio asking china to be the world's environmental savior. come on, commies.
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[♪] kennedy: you can dance along. we love it. leonardo dicaprio is dancing along. he watches every night. he's praising china's work to combat climate change following a trip to its smoggy capital beijing. he says he believes the world's largest eef mitter of greenhouse gases could become a hero of the environmental movement. that makes perfect sense. my party panel is here to deliberate. jimmy, what is worse, is hypocrisy or misinformation. >> this guy is out of his minds. he's talking about beijing being
8:39 pm
a hero and he's talking about a surgical makes over his face because he can't breathe. he's there to promote a movie. he flew over on a private jet. they get all upset that the factories from polluting. they never say a word about the fact that there is a third grader work a double shift on his birthday. maybe just a break room for the toddlers. you have know what would be great for these kids? these fun nets. >> people are plunging on to the sidewalks. nobody cares. kennedy: it's really important. dose really believe that china will be the hero? >> i think he's pro minnesotaing "the revenant" antiandi and -- and "titanic."
8:40 pm
he has been given the nickname, little lead. you have mark zuckerberg going for smog jogs without a mask. he wants facebook to be there. i think it's about selling movie tickets. kennedy: he doesn't just hate green house gas web also hates a fracking. >> which makes him exactly like bernie sanders. bernie sanders was asked a question about waters rising in miami and that's yes says we have to stop fracking. fracking is the best thing to reduce the amount of carbon. fracking -- if you want to combat climate change you put your arms around fracking. dreer and don't take the gulf
8:41 pm
stream of around the world. kennedy: a court has ordered gawker to pay hulk hogan $100 million for publishing a sex tape. gairk says we are doing what journalists do. hogan's side successfully argued it was a needless invasion of privacy. is this the end of gawker? >> i think it's the end of the world. they awarded him more than he asked for. the only person i keep thinking of is erin andrews, not shagging anybody, just taking a shower in a hotel and not getting the amount she asked for. >> that would be sweet justice. has knick denton called you? >> nick is an sold friend. that remind me of the last episode of seinfeld.
8:42 pm
you take the snarky new yorkers out of new york and everyone looks at them and says what's wrong with you, you are not funny. aj didn't handle this well. the amount of money is way too much. that will be reduced on appeal. and there always free speech thing as weird as it sounds. he wasn't making a public sex tape but he was parts of this blackmail scheme with a love sponge. deirdre: bubba was encouraging hulk hogan to hook up with his wife. deirdre: that's one way of musting it. kennedy: how big of a deal is this? >> right now hulk hogan is the finalist to be trump's vp. people don't realize the
8:43 pm
political implications. this -- his lawyers -- that he's sad and embarrassed. he has been walking around in a speedo for 40 years. they are paying him in bandanas. the man has no pride, stop it. kennedy: this has been so magical. it's like riding a unicorn at disneyland. three beautiful, precious lambs of god and i'm going to sheer each and every -- shear each and every one of them. later, snakes. see how many i can wrap around my body before i need serious psychiatric attention and flood transfusions.
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kennedy: donald trump is the republican frontrunner, but there are those who say his support comes from voter angry at the system. what is causing the trument tempest? let me ask a best-selling author. one of my favorites. brad thor and his latest book, "foreign agent." you can preorder it today and i hope you do. this election is so insane. i know you have one of the most fertile mind in all of literariness. i don't think even you could
8:48 pm
dream up this election. you said i don't care one bit what happen to the gop, but i do care with happens to my country. tell me about your disdain for donald trump. >> donald trump is interviewing for the most important job in the world. when we'll say he will be different in the white house. he's on his best behavior. what you are seeing out of him is not going to get better once he arrives at pennsylvania avenue. the level of discourse has been so lowered by this guy. and trump is a lifelong progressive. this is a guy who saw an opportunity to bump, all these great gop governors we had didn't know how to tangle with trim. i'm concerned for the future of
8:49 pm
the country if trump is in charge. kennedy: you said over his campaign the number of times trump has mentioned liberty can be counted on one stubby fingered hand. and i fear in all seriousness liberty has been sacrificed. it's not only lost, it's been tomorrowed on, bloodied, trampled, it is dead. >> it has. i wish i had the author's name for that article. that was a pull from an article. somebody else actually said that. you don't hear trump waxing nostalgic like a rand paul about his fast it parts of the constitution and speaking about the town ders. trump is out of his depth. as great as the questions are, you saw chris wallace hammering trump for details. jonah goldberg had some good point about trump and one of
8:50 pm
them was whenever trump gets asked a policy question he spend 95% of his answer demagoguing it. then the last 5%, his answer to the question is how he's going to fiction it by hiring the best people, wing or making the best deals. there is no there there. he's like an orange raccoon who is empty inside. when it comes to liberty, that's my most sacred issue. i don't ware what happens to the republican party. i care what happens to the country. >> well, last week salah abdeslam was captured in brussels after a vast european manhunt. the terror suspect assists the shooters. told the captors had been planning another attack from brussels. so i want your take on this. do you think that he had been in
8:51 pm
the sights of law enforcement for some time and was he under surveillance? were they tapping his motoring devices and were they listening in saying who he was meeting with and the weapons he was stockpiling? what do you think was going on in brussels? >> i would be shocked if they decided -- if they had this guy and didn't move on him immediately. if he did pull off an attack in the last four months since november. it would have been a disaster for the belgium authorities. i think they got lucky -- i think it was good, hard, strong police work. they were tracing dna that was left in different safe houses. for four months this guy has been on the run. they caught him 500 yard from his parents' house. from the house he grew up in. he had help from the people in that community. he had help from his family, he had help from neighbors.
8:52 pm
it's disgusting that this guy was able to hide as well as he did for four months. this guy had a lot of help. he's singing like a canary. they are getting worried in europe. they are saying it's dozens and dozen and dozen. they are concerned over there and with good reason. kennedy: not a surprise coming out of belgium. it sound like a plot to one of your novels. coming up, the star of the discovery channel's venom hunters is here and guess what he brought, scaly friend for me to wear like a shawl. i'm risking my life for you. they are poisonous creatures. will i survive? could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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>> push, push, over here. get your gear, get your gear. there it is. holy cow, it's a huge one. hold on, hold on. it's a monster. that's huge. kennedy: that's a clip from "venom hunters." brian barchuck is one of the stars of "venom hunters." he stopped by and brought some friend. >> sunny is his name. >> i call him snuggles because he likes to wrap his body around mine. >> i have a girl named sunshine. seems a nice girl. so when did you get involved with snakes? >> i have been obsessed with
8:57 pm
them since i was a kid. my first memory as a kid, not my mom, not my siblings but a snake at a zoo. my mom said i was 2 years old. i'm 46 now and i remember it like it was yesterday. kennedy: so this one you are holding web's a little more intense. are you worried he's going to bite me. >> i don't think he will. >> will it hurt? >> this is the largest non-venomous snake in north america. kennedy: it's beautiful. the scales are matte yet shiny.
8:58 pm
i have been by the before and i have got to tell you have it hurt like hell. kennedy: oh, good. anti-venom is a lucrative industry. >> it's about medical research as well. kennedy: is that snake pee? is he going to choke me out? kennedy: you guys make a lot of money if you find these venomous snakes. >> for me it's never about the money. it becomes the passion and being involved with something. kennedy: i'll come over here. can we get a tight shot of that on 3? i'm playing the snake guy door.
8:59 pm
>> you are finding cures for diseases because is there not a lot of anti-venom in the world. kennedy: how many people a year die from snakes. >> in those areas, 100,000 a year. the medical cures, it's unbelievable the advancement in that field. cobra venom there is a pain sedative that is more potent than morphine with no addictive qualities. kennedy: i want to thank you for being here. i can't wait to see more of the show. i have seen you in action and i'm a big fan. i can still feel them slithering on my body while i sleep. please follow me on twitter and
9:00 pm
instagram @kennedynation. email i'll see you tomorrow night with team cavuto right here on the fox business network. good night. >> announcer: a century-old amusement park that could be lost forever. >> we're dying on the vine down here. >> "our time is over." that's serious. >> announcer: a divided family on the verge of a painful split... >> no amusement park in the world has been owned by a family as long as this one. >> the family loyalties just tend to get disintegrated. it's just a pattern for disaster. >> announcer: ...and a reprieve from the governor. but will it be enough? >> it's the day after labor day. the amusement park's not open down there. my father is flipping in his grave right now. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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